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Interior Design Baker Street

Interior Design Baker Street

Interior Design Baker Street

This project in Baker Street is definitely a favourite of Kia’s and myself. We designed the space to create the perfect place to relax after a days work while still having a touch of sophistication. You would not recognise it from the before photographs if it wasn’t for the beautiful floor and doors which we kept, and used as a starting point for the rest of the design.

Bronze Wall Covering Reflecting Light Beautifully

Bronze Wall Covering Reflecting Light Beautifully


We kept the base colours in the lounge warm but neutral which provides a great opportunity for piecing together with bold colours. The large window here floods the room with light but to add some privacy we hung some delicate sheers. The light then bounces off the beautiful wall covering highlighting the shimmery pattern and texture which we chose to add depth to the room. This warm bronze feature wall is complemented by a slightly cooler and fresh light beige on the remaining walls.


Original Fireplace

The fireplace which was previously featured in this room we removed and replaced it with a more contemporary alternative which really lifted the room to give it that edge. In order to do this permission was required from the council and building management, this is due to the property being in a conservation area and theses properties having been built to specifically maintain a more historic look. The wall was built out to accommodate this and a bespoke bookshelf built around the corner to maximise the utilisation of space. We chose a warm walnut wood as it creates a nice contrast to complement both the walls and flooring.

DSC_0068 ed

Fireplace With Bookshelf

We placed a Eames chair with footstool upholstered with black leather with walnut trim, adding a masculine touch to the room and the perfect spot to watch TV from.  This complements the black introduced into the room through the fireplace.  Each part of the design slows and precisely layers on top of another to create a finished scheme.  The corner sofa beautifully balances out the room providing plenty of space to entertain but also to kick back and relax. It even has electronic head rests that can be worked by a discreet plate on the inside of the sofa arm.

Eames Chair for Ultimate TV Viewing

Eames Chair for Ultimate TV Viewing



The bespoke rug (designed by Kia) brings a splash of colour into the room elegantly. We felt that it is important that it is such a large piece due to the wooden flooring to partly soften sound so the room so that it does not echo but also to be in-keeping with proportions.

Kia Designs Classic Rug

Kia Designs Classic Rug in Electric Blue


DSC_0084 copy

Beautiful curtain texture

We finished off with some beautiful design pieces which provide practical purpose also. The coffee table located next to the sofa catches the light while delicately adding a feminine touch to the room with the organic curves. The wall light casts light both towards the ceiling and the floor which creates softer light, as due to the height of the ceiling, it is important that the whole room is lit. Furthermore, the richly coloured cushions positioned on the end of the sofa bring the textures in the rug, curtains and wall covering all together nicely. The curtains are a beautiful crushed velvet in a warm beige which create a beautiful depth of tone which works that works wonderfully with all the shades within the room. It is also a very luxurious fabric which looks stunning when they are both open and closed. Since they are floor to ceiling curtains we felt it was important to make a statement with them.


Dining Table Area with Drop Lighting

Dining Table Area with Drop Lighting


We placed the dining table infront of the second window to make the most of the light flooding in.  The dining table is a smoked glass top with a chrome (almost mirrored looking) frame which reflects the light beautifully. The contemporary white leather chairs pick out colours from the wooden flooring and the skirting. We took the texture of the sofa and recliner chair into consideration when choosing the material of the seat covering to bring it all together. This however was practically a good choice as leather is hardwearing. The pendant lights were specially commissioned for this project and suspended from the ceiling add some height to the area to balance it out, drawing your eye upwards. These pendant lights co-ordinate with the floor lamp which is located in the diagonal corner. They also complement the fireplace which is located to right of the table. There is no artwork placed above the fireplace as there are already a number of things the eye is drawn to on the higher level in this area, and so the room may look too cluttered by the addition of a piece here.


TV area

The TV is mounted centrally on the wall above a large cabinet so that all devices can be stored away out of site preventing clutter. The angles within the room draw your eye naturally towards the TV which will create maximum comfort. The cabinet features smoke glass strips which co-ordinate with the dining table. It also reflects light making the room appear brighter in addition to the white lacquer cabinet which reflects the light also. What I particularly like about this, is how the blue rug is reflected in the glass which adds another glimmer of colour to the room subtly, while also providing the practical purpose of allowing remote signals through so the TV will work without having to expose any additional equipment. The sheers which hang over the large windows provide the perfect level of light diffusion for glare to not be an issue upon the tv. The large leaning floor lamp adds that extra element of  style, softening the corner and adding that extra soft lighting of the evenings.

As you can see, a great deal of consideration goes into every design decision. Everything is done in a certain way for a reason and is something that could not be replicated on a DIY project.

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Marble Shower Room

The wonderful part about being a designer is the amount of different people you get to design for, from all around the world, living in all different parts of the world.  It’s fantastic but sometimes you forget how beautiful a design can be till you revisit it.  In searching through old folders I found these very quick snaps of a marble shower room we designed for clients in Baker Street.


The bespoke hand made bathroom units mean that the room has a sleek look but still has ample storage.


The spares were all extremely limited but the use of the marble and the black mosaic made the room have an instant wow factor.  I still love it to this day!

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Beautiful White Home Design in Belgium

As we have seen from previous projects I love how effective white can be as a colour for the whole house.  This house is sheer white perfection, the lines are clean, the design is well thought out and the finish is impeccable.  Designed by Beel & Achtergael Architects the property is located just outside of Flanders in Belgium.

via Impeccable Modern Home Design: Villa VH en T in Belgium | Freshome.

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Interior Design in Putney

Last week we showed you an overview of a recently finished project in Putney, today we are going to show you even more detail on the gorgeous design for the living area!

One of my favourite elements in this area is the coffee table, it is bold, modern and chunky – it works perfectly to bring together the very traditional designs of the sofa and chairs and really help highlight the pops of colour.  The window seating was actually one of the only pieces of the previous design that was kept and it works great with the new cushions and shutters.  The drinks cabinet on the right is an absolute god-send in an area that is used for a lot of entertaining!

See how well the table off sets the pops of colours in the bespoke rug?!

The blue in the rug was picked to specially match these beautiful stools, it’s always so exciting to see a more modern take on a very traditional rug design and the bright blue, orange and yellow really make this rug a centre piece.

The base colour for the rug was also designed to work well with the high back chairs that are in a beautiful brushed cotton, these chairs also help to zone the room so that you can feel like you are completely secluded and not part of the kitchen area – something that is so important in an open plan space.

Even from this angle the living area is very separate from both the dining table and kitchen – it’s own little haven within this gorgeous large space.

What’s your favourite design element in this room?

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A costly coffee table – MUST SEE!

I believe that the term ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ has never been more apt!  Next time you have near death experience in your ‘6-figure’ car do not immediately ascertain its value as scrap metal, instead take inspiration from French designer Charly Molinelli.  He turned a depressing wreck into an undisputed feature piece:

Obviously this is wonderful stand alone piece which would provide a massive talking point within any room but we must also consider the overarching philosophical design principle that this piece uncovers.  I have said to many clients on many occasions that imperfections are acceptable, and indeed sometimes preferable, as long as the designer draws attentions to the imperfection and makes it quite clear to anyone viewing the room that any attention that it is gaining is intentional.  For example, many houses in London have walls that are in desperate need of re-plastering but I, for one, feel that ‘weathered’ walls can give a room a real identity if used in the correct scenario and if they are highlighted confidently (one can, for example, quite harshly light such a wall and make a feature of the imperfections).  In this case when the designer saw this:

He was really seeing this:

You see, highlighting something that is utterly imperfect can create an alluring piece as long as it is presented correctly and confidently!

Credit: Enpundit

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Mixing traditional and contemporary design

A few weeks ago we gave you a sneak peak in to this project (see that here) and now we have the big reveal. The project was to turn a 4 bedroom, 1 bathroom in to a more modern living space for a family, this meant that we needed to get creative with the space and it also mean that we managed to go from having 1 bathroom to having 4! (oh and a study/gym too!)

The main living space is a wonderful entertaining area with an open-plan kitchen that leads into a wonderful dining and living area, we had to make the most of every bit of space but wanted to make sure that the whole house retained a light and airy feel.

interior design in putney - living

For the kitchen we decided to go with a gorgeous green quite traditional door and go for more modern handles to pull it together with the rest of the room. The stunning walnut worktop is all one piece and was apparently quite a challenge for the builders to get in!

interior design in putney - kitchen

The study is right off the kitchen – you just see those two mirrors on the right, well one of them is a mirror and one of them is a hidden door to the study/gym area! We decided to go for a really gorgeous splash of colour in this room, it looks wonderful when you have the door open to the living room – you barely even notice the running machine!  The boy’s bedroom gives them a great amount of room to play.  One of my favourite rooms in the house however is the master bedroom – it is so serene when you walk in here and that headboard is just a masterpiece!

interior design in putney - bedrooms

And last but by no means least is the hallway (with a custom Kia Designs rug!) and the bathrooms. The one one the left is the master bathroom and I think my favourite room in the whole house – that mirror is even more divine in person and the colour is beautiful! The two images on the right are the guest bathroom and the boy’s bathroom – how cute is having a chandelier in the boy’s bathroom??!

interior design in putney - bathrooms

What is your favourite part of the design? We will be doing special blog posts on each part over the next few weeks so let us know if there is a room you are dying to know more about and we will be sure to put as much information as we can in!

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Lovely Canadian house – not sure about the bathroom tiles though!

What a clever bit of architecture this is!  A very modern take on the North American porch: the way it is lit gives this porch the feeling of being another room within the house and, I’m sure, will host some excellent dinner parties!

The internal is spacious and makes the most of what is an incredible view .  However, the fact that the view almost plays 2nd fiddle to this spectacular room really illustrates how well finished this room is.  The architect and building team have really surpassed themselves in this case: I can’t get past the floor which is as stunning and as apt as any I can remember.  I would love to get my hands on this space!

However, before we get too jealous there is a downside that I have thankfully found!  The tiles in the 2nd en-suite are far too busy and clash, in my opinion, with the wood finishes.  With a property as stunning as this one I believe that ‘less is more’ and in this case that would have been a useful rule to keep!

Credit: Freshome

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The Devil’s in the details

Here at Kia Designs we realise just how important is it to get every design scheme finished down to the details.  Here are a few of our favourite details from our luxury bedroom we featured recently!

One of my personal favourite parts of this room is the bespoke rug that I designed for this scheme, it really pulls together all the colours.

Check out our new range of bespoke rugs!

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Amazing Modern Spanish Home

I am a big fan of A-cero home designs, they produce some of the most beautiful homes around the globe and this project really shows off some of their flair so melding design aesthetics. This project is in sunny Madrid, Spain and has really made the most of the breathtaking lakes that surround it.

I adore how unashamedly modern this kitchen is!  Such an inspirational piece of architecture and design

via Freshome: Giant Sculpture as Home For Joaquin Torres, Director of A-Cero | Freshome.

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A little piece of winter heaven

I am not the best of winter people, I am really a sun type of person however I think living in this piece of heaven I could be coerced to change my mind…

What Vogue has to say about it “The light-filled living room features a Jean-Michel Frank sofa, Hans Wegner hoop chairs, luxurious fur throws, and exhilarating views over Aspen Mountain.” Photographed by François Halard


“A George Nakashima table and oversize wooden bowls in the living room.”

The master bedroom has a low oak bed with an Andreas Gursky photograph hanging above it.

The semi-covered deck, furnished with David Sutherland teak lounge chairs and coffee table with provisions for hot chocolate, overlooks Aspen Mountain.

via [object HTMLImageElement].

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On the search for…Spectacular standard lamps

Welcome to what will be a our Friday post each and every Friday,we were going to name is Find it Friday but have stuck with “on the search for…”.  This week we have been on the search for some gorgeous standard lamps for a very modern lounge area that has a double height (5m!) ceiling.  Anything we picked needed to be big and bold, it needed to be able to hold it’s own within such a gorgeous but very large space.  Here are some of our favourite picks.

cqj7470-copper-angled-floor-lamp (1)

Source: via Kia on Pinterest


I love the glow that this beautiful floor lamp from Graham and Green produces.

sinatra-unique-floor-standing-living-room-vintage-lamp-detail-03 sinatra-unique-floor-standing-living-room-vintage-lamp-detail-02

Source: via Kia on Pinterest


I love the funky modern design of this “standard” lamp – seems a bit of a shame to call it standard though! This next one is a particular favourite of mine and has actually been featured on our blog before!

floor-lighting-italamp-victor-victoria-floor-lamp-1 floor-lighting-italamp-victor-victoria-floor-lamp-3

Source: via Kia on Pinterest


Stick around next week we will be on the hunt for another gorgeous product for one of our luxury home designs!

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Colour inspiration – The onset of Winter

With the onset of winter (and still feeling terribly upset that the UK didn’t have much of a summer) these tones are currently inspiring me.

Do you find that you head towards the colder colours as winter approaches? Or does it mean you want to be seeing hot and fiery colours to keep you warm?

Back ground image, bottles, ballet, forest, ice cave by , old glass floats


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Amazing chair!

It has been a while since I have focused on one particular product for a blog post but this chair really caught my eye.  Without a doubt it is the seamless nature of this chair which makes it so sleek and desirable: there is something liberating about a design that does not rely upon any fixings and which seemingly flows autonomously.

On top of the shape of the chair I really love the wood that has been chosen by the designer as it completely compliments and works in conjunction with the shape of the chair.  I think that this product would be best used in an airy room and would also look very good adorned with a funky cushion.

Credit: Yanko Design

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A Moodboard To Die For

I thought today we would give you a bit of a sneak peak in to a mood board we have been working on for some clients in North London, these clients LOVE colour (Below is their ‘winter lounge’ and master bedroom both of which we designed for them, together with custom carpentry and bespoke rug designs perfectly suited to their colour schemes.





This time round we are giving a re-design to their spare bedrooms – just in time for Christmas!  Below are a few photos of the mood board for one of the bedrooms – this bedroom was actually inspired by two of the clients favourite eye shadow colours (yes you can take inspiration from everywhere!)


We have some gorgeous fabrics, I personally love the metallic qualities of a lot of the fabrics we are using.  We also have a lovely juxtaposition between the grass cloth wall-covering and the dappled wall paper we will be using.

Which fabric is your favourite? What do you think of the grass cloth wall-covering?

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