Splendid house overlooking the alps in Austria

Having been in this part of the world quite recently I can certainly state that the alps (along with their surrounding area) boast a very unique beauty and serenity.  This home in Austria seems to be the perfect spot from which to enjoy such natural beauty:

I obviously do not know what strikes you most forcefully (it is very hard to get overt the view which is magnificent) but it is the windows which really interested me.  I love the way that the architect has the wooden beams encasing the glass – it is seamless and rustic simultaneously and has a massive impact.  This is an architectural feature throughout:

Such continuity always gives a home an identity.  The wood that the architect has used has a wonderful tone and atmosphere to it and, combined with the amount of glass that is used, it creates a real warmth:

It is always satisfying for me to see a well designed home which pays homage to its surroundings whilst still having a personality of its own and this home fulfills both criteria!

Credit: Freshome

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  • tracyann July 10, 2012   Reply →

    I love the style of the house and it is very rare to see such kind of interior design. I think that everyone who are able to come to the place will love it because of the beautiful scenery it has. Thanks for sharing it.
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