Creating A Bespoke Piece Of Art For A Client

For me interior design is so personal, every room we create is created especially for that person in mind, it is created to full fill their brief and to create a space in which they can live comfortably and happily.

A huge part of any design should be art work, we often work with clients who have extremely large selections of artwork – a client recently had one of the most beautiful collection of MF Husain artwork I think I have ever seen, we could probably start an amazing gallery with their beautiful artwork collection! However, this is not always the case and so for some of our clients we create artwork that perfectly fits the designs scheme rather than being the initial inspiration behind it.

This was the case for a recent project we have completed in Baker Street.  These artworks were created to bring together every colour and texture you see in the interior design from the walnut TV unit to the silk Armani Casa rug to the amazing faux flowers (which we will be showing you next week!)

We are going to breakdown for you here exactly how this amazing bespoke piece of art was created…

Firstly I wanted a piece that flowed through the lounge, I didn’t want it to be a main focal point I wanted it to harmonise the room and to pull the viewer attention around the room.  The large white walls of this project provided a wonderful backdrop to be able to let this happen as the artwork would sit beautifully on it in a gallery style.

Here was the wall minus artwork:  IMG_4347-smThe design was really coming together but it needed a piece of art to really push it to completion.   The inspiration for the artwork was actually taken from a piece I had seen the company had produced beforeTAY_big-img-sm

However we wanted the painting to flow further along the wall and to incorporate all the colours of our design, we looked at two optionsKIA_APT9_TRIPTYCH_350x100cm_OPTION1-sm


And decided that the first one was best as it was more subtle and the colours worked a lot more in the space.  Then it is the waiting game as your amazing bespoke artwork is created.  We of course get a chance to sign off on it before the canvases are stretched. At this point you really have to use your imagination as the artwork can look a little distorted


However, it was all worth it in the end when it was stretched and put up it really makes the room!


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One comment

  • Laurel Anderson April 15, 2013  

    I love how the movement in the rug and the movement of the painting flow together, one makes the other more prominent. Beautiful colors.