Putting In A Spiral Staircase

London projects are often short on space for everything, and this can include even staircases for this reason spiral staircases are becoming a more popular choice. The design of them can range from the extremely inspiring to the downright dull and everything in between.

Every item in a design doesn’t have to be a feature piece, imagine wearing all your favourite items of clothing at the same time and you can imagine how horrific that would look, every item of the design needs to provide a sense of balance and all help to serve the same end design aesthetic.

This video from CANAL architectural shows just some of the care and attention that is put in to the design and manufacture of a stunning bespoke staircase.

In one of our projects this is particularly important.  The project is in Baker Street and had previously been part of a larger building. It is a Grade II listed building located within the Dorset Square Conservation Area. The building forms part of a long terrace of houses constructed as part of the Portman Estate during 1815-20.

spiral staircase in london

Spiral staircases are a great solution for tight spaces

The project is on the top two floors of the property and was created during a conversion in the mid-1970s. It is believed that at this time was stripped of almost all its period features and so it doesn’t have a huge amount of interest.  At this time the original staircase was taken out and a spiral staircase was put in, this was a necessity of the design because the space is now extremely small.

For the space it works but it doesn’t inspire the kind of wow factor that we are looking for in the entrance hall.  The project below gives a better idea of the kid of wow factor we are looking for form a staircase. This is CANAL Architectures Park Gate Spiral project and although it is a commercial property it would also work fantastically well in a residential setting.

square spiral staircase

Poured cement, glass and stainless steel structure

The design also provides a much safer design for a property like this as the stairs would go fully out the walls in each direction, providing larger stairs for children and also taking away the openness that can often be daunting when spiral staircases have spindles.

Scandinavian style spiral

A clean, modern, sweeping spiral staircase

For a slightly softer look that still looks to solve safety issues we may have with a spiral staircase Wapping Lane project from Spiral Staircases.  Their description of it is perfect

“A powder coated white central column with white painted timber balustrade incorporating the capping handrail linked with solid oak treads and risers, all without a visible fixing.

This feature staircase makes a bold statement in this luxury penthouse apartment – the staircase rises from the living area to a roof terrace with tremendous views across London.”

It is this kind of bold statement that we are looking at for the entrance way, we will see which kind of staircase makes its way in to the final design.

Thank you to CANAL and Spiral Staircases for the use of their images to be able to illustrate the best in spiral staircase design.

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