The dark days of a project…

A wonderful quote from one of my favourite movies is, “They say there are only two days you enjoy a boat: the day you buy it and the day you sell it.” Thankfully this doesn’t ring true of our homes; however, it can seem like it when you are in the middle of a huge building project!

You start off with an amazing set of plans and such a huge choice of, well, everything, that your eyes become glazed with all the amazing possibilities.  For me. the beginning of the project is so exciting! We get to find out how our clients are actually going to use their home.  This project is a complete new build so we started off with some gorgeous plans from the architect. However, we were still able to make a large amount of changes when we were in Germany with the clients specifying (how cool  is it to be able to move a wall just because you want the dressing room 20cm larger?!)

Then you get to the exciting part where the previous gets razed to the ground and the amazing new basement goes in.  Although it is still a building site at this point, all the plans are fully realised, we have all the layouts, furniture, wall finishes, lighting, and everything is arranged, ordered and ready to go.

Then, it gets even more exciting when the house arrives in great big, huge trucks and gets put up in an amazing five days!! The staircases are already fully in and you can walk around your new home; it’s wonderful at this point as clients start to be able to get more of a feel of exactly how they are going to be able to live in the space even though it is still just a shell.

Next,  it feels like everything slows down, progress seems slow, and the site can look like it never changes.  This is probably one of the most difficult parts of the project, as all you want at this point is to have it finished and to move in!  It’s most definitely worth the wait. but it can be difficult when three weeks worth of progress takes you from that, to this….

Doesn’t look like much of a change really does it? Never mind, it’s getting there and when it’s all finished you will be amazed that it ever even looked like this!! So what’s this area suppose to look like in the end? Well it’s going to look like a much more alive version of this!

Yes. it’s going to be spectacular!! We will, of course, be keeping you completely in the loop as to how it is going.

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