Lighting for client in Mayfair

Recently we have been on the look out for a variety of lighting options for a client of ours in Mayfair.  The rooms within the house are extremely large and, as a result, it has been somewhat of a challenge for us to find lighting that fits the proportions of the room.  This piece will look particularly spectacular when one considers that it is a meter in diameter:

A piece such as this would add glitz to any dining room but there is one particular hazard that can be associated with using a piece of this size.  One must always diligently measure the width of the relevant doorways and passageways to ensure that such a piece can actually fit into the prescribed room!  With such diligence in mind I present to you the piece that we are hoping to use in the master bathroom (before we can it will be necessary to ascertain whether or not the piece will safely make it up the stairwell considering its 90cm diameter).  Given the unusual and alluring nature of the piece we certainly hope so!


As I have stated many times: many of the design ideas that one would like to implement are very much dependent on whether they will work from a practical standpoint.  As dull and laboured as practicality may seem though, it is the unseen bedrock of great design!



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