Products at Clerkenwell Design Week: Part 1

Unfortunately this year we were only able to manage 1 day at Clerkenwell Design Week due to a number of projects being at a rather critical stage.  Thankfully, the one day that we choose was sun-drenched which certainly adds to the appeal of wandering between stalls and exhibitions.  For one of our current clients we were looking for decorative items which could potentially sit above a fireplace.  Obviously items such as mirrors and paintings are always an option but, at Clerkenwell Design Week, we found a very interesting piece by Fay McCaul which is made up of stitched white fibre optics which we sent through to the client in question:

This idea has also been manifested in a sculpture form:

What I really like about this work is its unpredictable nature as well as the clever combination of stitching and fibre optic lights.  There is certainly a gap in the market with regard to decorative items (aside from traditionally used ones) that can be placed above fireplaces and items such as Fay’s are, as a result, very refreshing.

Credit: Fay McCaul


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