Products at Clerkenwell Design Week: Part 2

A lot of the time Interior Design can become very serious, overly so in fact, and it is necessary to lighten the mood with a more ‘fun’ product.  During Clerkenwell Design week we found some very cool lamps that are made out of action figures/toys – take a look:

The company in question (there is a link below) can make these out of one’s own childhood toys or can create a bespoke piece which fits your own specifications:

I am also impressed with, aside from the unique appeal of these pieces, the classy shade which would allow a piece like this to (cheekily) work in conjunction with more classy pieces:

Overall, I am very impressed and my start looking through my own toy box!

Credit: Evil Robot Designs

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  • Curtains July 31, 2012  

    Really inspired me. I would recommend getting some cushions for sofa and perhaps some additional throws and cushions in different textures and colors to complement the lamp:)