Stainless steal island unit

Pretty much every client that we have ever worked with has wanted an island unit in their kitchen.  The island unit holds a variety of benefits: obviously it provides one with extra preparation space whilst cooking, it also provides a more casual eating area and is more social (if your hob is on the island unit you can cook whilst facing your guests as opposed to having to stare at the wall!).  However, what if your kitchen is not large enough to house a fully blown island unit?  This stainless steal island unit may hold the answer:

Clearly, given the size and nature of the piece, this will not tick all of the boxes that a full sized island unit does.  Having said that, I find this to be a charming piece which not only provides extra storage and workspace but which also livens the room.  After all, an island is the ideal place to put a vase which will instantly lift a room or to keep one’s pretty looking jam jars.  Also, with this piece being stainless steal, it is very easy to clean and is, like a larger island unit, therefore a great place to prepare food.


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