Webinar – Getting Your Systems in Place, Stepping Back & Stepping Up Your Game

You may already know that Kia Stanford, our founder, often does speaking engagements. Having spoken at Decorex, 100% design as well as at the BIID’s yearly conference she is well versed in being able to teach people quick and easy ways to be able to make your business more efficient.

Covid-19 has posed a unique time for the interior design industry and has lead to a lot of designers looking to the future of what design might look like. With this in mind, it has been the perfect time to look at how you do things, what systems you do (or don’t!) have in place and how you can make sure that you’re running the most efficient business possible in the future. Learning from both yourself and Kia this webinar aims to teach designers some helpful tips for how to streamline your interior design business.


From setting systems to deliverables to creating accountability in a way that doesn’t feel like you are having to micromanage a team and your team feels the confidence to be able to create the exact work you are looking for and will be proud to represent your studio. The main tools that will be featured are Basecamp, Monday.com and a process document. Showing how each of these links together to create a system of support for both yourself and your team.

If you have any questions or would like to book Kia for speaking engagements please contact the studio (studio@kiadesigns.co.uk)

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