Behind the white on white design

This design was the Finalist in the Living Space design of the year only recently and we are constantly getting questions on how to re-create parts of this wonderful white on white design.  Here we break down a few of the amazing features of this design

The aim of this bathroom was to have some glitz and glamour whilst still having a completely usable space…and of course it HAD to be white! Mosaic by Bizazza Floor tiles by Surface Bath and toilet by Living House.

Project 3 - Notting Hill - Image 8

1. Did you used the same tile on all walls?
The wall tiles are two different colours of Bizazza Tiles, the beautiful splash back is actually inlaid with white gold to create an extremely glitzy finish. They are called ‘Narcisio’ part of the Shading blends

2. What size are the floor tiles?
They are 60cm square
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Project 3 - Notting Hill - Image 63. How is the bed held up?
The bed is attached to the supporting wall behind the headboard and has a central leg. It’s from a company called Lago and the details of the bed can be found here

4. Do you remember the brand of flooring used here? Is it laminate floating floor?
The flooring used here is an engineered German oak in a brushed ‘fridge white’ it is from one of our trade suppliers so unfortunately I can’t pass on any contact details that would be of use to you. It was very important with this flooring that it as a brushed finish rather than a sprayed finish as it means that it retains more of the patina of the wood.

Project 3 - Notting Hill - Image 7

5. What is the wall colour?
The whole property has been painted in Brilliant White

6. How do you tuck the duvet underneath the bed?
There is a thin platform with the slats underneath for the mattress, this is where the duvet is tucked in

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