What do residential interior designers do?

Kia Stanford, our head residential interior designer, explains to us what a residential interior designer really does for their clients.

The life of an interior designer can seem like a glitzy and glamourous world of shopping with other peoples money and “working” from home – in reality our job is to create a home that makes your money work for you!

We spend our time finding out how you use your home and how it can work better for you, we don’t create design schemes for our homes – we create them for yours. Your home is the perfect platform to show off the items and things in your life you love! Interior design doesn’t have to cost the earth either – we work with your budget and nothing is bought for you without you being completely happy with it (this is not changing rooms!). What’s great about working with an interior designer is that they can help decipher the puzzle that has become home furnishings and building works by providing you with a light at the end of the tunnel!

Watch out over the next few weeks as we but up previous client estimated budgets to show you how far your money can go with a little know how and a lot of inspiration!

To request information on fees please give us an email or a call on 07912 138822

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