How to use lighting in a bathroom

Design Essentials – Lighting 

Lighting is literally the life blood of a design; it can make a design shine (pardon the pun!). Interior Design is all about making the absolute best of every space, and bathrooms can unfortunately be sadly overlooked when it comes to lighting.  This is a huge shame as it can create some of the most dramatic bathrooms.

Project 1 - Mayfair - Image 12

This bathroom was designed for a gorgeous town house Interior Design in Mayfair.  It needed to work within the more traditional design of the house, but with a slightly more contemporary feel.  We needed to replicate the original cornice that we had retained throughout the rest of the property; this had unfortunately been removed from these two levels during a 1970s renovation, however was still present on the other 4 floors of the house.

 However, we wanted to create more of a feature with the cornice and lighting on the newly renovated floors.  Normally, the bathroom gets abandoned at this point and gets stuck with the normal spot lighting.  We will not abandon the bathroom, we want it to be just as gorgeous as the rest of the property, and so we also used the beautiful cornice lighting within both bathrooms.

Project 1 - Mayfair - Image 13

As you can see it makes quite an effect! This bathroom was designed with blue LED strip lighting and completely changes the room from a more contemporary feel to a rocking modern feel that literally charges with energy.

It can be a much more subtle effect when using a bright white LED light, as you can see below.  It still makes the entire shower room glow, but is less “in your face” and more subtle.

Project 1 - Mayfair - Image 9

We always treat each of our clients as individuals, and we realise that the LED blue lighting may not be for everyone, but it exactly fulfilled our clients brief. Interior Design is always about the finished project and we were ecstatic to see the look on our clients faces when they saw the bathrooms that we had created for them.

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  • Deborah Davidson November 14, 2013  

    Just amazing what a difference! I had no idea that the lighting would make things look so different and you could totally update a bathroom just this easy. Thanks for the information, very helpful as always 🙂