Baker Street Penthouse, W1U

- Renovation - / Baker Street
  • Living Space: = ²
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Bathrooms: 3 (reduced from 4)

Brief and Scope:

To create a contemporary and sleek home that will be perfect for the family and add value to the property. The design needs to be contemporary without taking note of the most recent ‘trends’ as it needs to be able to stand the test of time – not look weathered within a few years.

The entire property will need new flooring, cornice, architrave as well as a fully revised lighting scheme to make the transition from day to night less jarring as the current lights are quite harsh. All bathrooms and storage will need to be removed and replaced to make the most of the storage available and the new layout. We will also want to make sure that the new colours scheme makes the most of the vaulted ceilings and that luxury lighting is put in these areas to highlight them.

The floor plan will be adjusted for the new bedroom in the place of the kitchen which will also have an ensuite. These will be clean, elegant and sophisticated.

We are looking for an elegant and modern design whilst making the most of the classical proportions of the property. The kitchen is to be moved from its current location through to the front of the property to make a more open-plan feeling and make the most of the view from the front of the building. The kitchen will most likely include a central island that can be used as a breakfast bar as well as for cooking.

The bedrooms upstairs are to include 1 with bunk beds and 1 with a double bed. This will allow sleeping space for 6+ people as well as the bedrooms downstairs which will include another 2 double bedrooms.

This crisp and luxury design will transform this very tired looking apartment into the luxury penthouse it should be!