Children's Playroom, SW6

- Redesign - / Putney

Brief and Scope:

To redecorate a basement space which is currently used as bike workout area, bike storage area and entertainment space. To turn it into a playroom suitable for a child up to 5 years old, taking inspiration from outdoor activities including skiing, biking and boating, as well as animals. Using fun colours (steering clear from greys and pinks) to create a stimulating and safe space. The main focus is to have the option of a supervised and messy/creative play space, somewhere tactile for smaller kids to play. A space which can be added to over time.
The playroom needs to incorporate flexible open and closed storage for toys, books, coats and shoes and offer a space to watch TV.
The room also needs to provide a smaller space for bike turbo training area – tucked safely away out of the children’s reach. This space needs only be the size of the mat, but enough to fit in the necessary equipment to be able to train. Some easy and some not so easy to access storage for bike accessories and equipment is needed, although this does not need to be in the bike training area. Wheels and bikes will be on display on walls, the theme of which will be carried through into the playroom through the use of wallcoverings and kid-sized bikes.
To explore the idea of adding something colourful, interesting and weather-resistant to the currently very white external light well space in the basement at the front of the house.
Mixing the old and the new, the space will bring in some of the traditional themes through the house into the space, with the use of good quality shaker style closed cupboards.