Hampstead Home, NW3

- Renovation - / Hampstead
  • Living Space: 1200 ft²
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 2.5

Brief and Scope:

To transform a newly purchased 3 bedroom semi-detached home from a dated shell to a sophisticated, modern residence. Whilst the layout will largely remain the same, decoration, new furnishings and a new kitchen will create a desirable and comfortable home with a focus on entertaining and relaxing.

New, darker, flooring throughout the ground floor will create unity and bring a warmer feel to the grey and neutral tones incorporated in the design. Textured wallpaper, multiple linens and soft velvets will have acoustic benefits, as well as providing textural depth. The overall look will be highly styled and layered yet approachable.

The entrance hall will be revamped with a more period feel. Reclaimed York stone flooring will be a hard wearing and attractive feature. The current cupboard will be remodelled to provide more useful storage and the cupboard door changed to give the space a more streamlined, contemporary look. Feature lighting and selected artwork will provide a welcoming feel.

The WC will be given a makeover to create a more visually exciting and easy to maintain room.

In the dining room, seating for up to 10 guests will be accommodated as well as a serving dresser for linens, platters and wine. The decor will consist of soft, cool tones with statement chandelier based on inspirational images provided by the clients.

The lounge will focus on merging the traditional features of the building with modern styling. Warmer tones and more natural fabrics will make this a more relaxed, yet still formal space.

The kitchen will be re-arranged to provide a more ergonomic and intuitive space, we will look at reducing the dividing wall depth to add much-needed space. Whilst an island would be difficult to fit within the space, a highlighted block will provide the same visual impact and bar seating area. The new design should better suit 2 people preparing food at the same time.

The look will be sleek, with handleless units and matt block colours, underlit with soft LED lighting and statement pendant lighting.The conservatory will become an inviting, more informal lounging space designed to pull guests away from the bustling preparation zone, and offer a social and companionable space for the residents. The design scheme will pull the room into the kitchen, making it feel like part of the house, rather than a tacked-on addition, whilst maintaining its link to the garden.


The bathrooms upstairs will benefit from a mix of natural slate tiling mixed with fresh paint tones, giving a distinctly urban feel. Hard wearing, low maintenance products will be used, alongside stylish storage which will help create a minimalistic look and keep the room’s clutter-free.