Luxury Living, SW3

- Renovation - / Knightsbridge

  • Living Space: 1100 ft²
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 2.5

Brief and Scope:
To remodel the existing structure to form 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and an open plan kitchen, dining and living room.
This new layout will yield a more ergonomic use of space, and provide more accommodation and suitable living area for a growing family.
The new proposed layout will place an emphasis on the living room and bring more light into the flat.
Bespoke wardrobe solutions will be tailored to the family’s jet setting lifestyle, providing designated suitcase spaces and easy hanging access.
The current decor will be updated and the fixtures and fittings modernised to create a comfortable, inviting London retreat.
All currently problems within the flat ­ windows not closing, radiators not working, mice, leaks etc will be addressed and solved. Underfloor heating is proposed throughout the flat, with the addition of heated rails in the bathrooms for extra
warmth and comfort.
The design will incorporate the client’s love of geometric and floral patterns, as well as her love of colour. We will create a really functional space with a very homely vibe, that doesn’t have the staid feeling of a hotel or 2nd home. The space will be made as light and bright as possible, as it doesn’t benefit from a lot of penetrative natural light and has a tendency to become dark and gloomy in the winter.

Consideration will be taken when choosing fabrics for items close to the windows, as Brompton Rd throws up a lot of grime. Durability and practicality will be key when choosing pieces, especially wall coverings.
The entrance way will benefit from removing the currently defunct W/C and incorporating a wall of wardrobe and cupboard space so that
shoes/jackets/handbags/umbrella storage is immediately accessible. A large mirror will also feature, and a hardwearing floor will keep the entrance hall looking pristine and prevent dirt from outside making its way into the flat. Further along the corridor a laundry station with room for a separate washer and dryer and marble countertop, plus a broom cupboard and plenty of household storage for everyday eye­sores.
Pocket doors will be used throughout, to provide ease of access and maximise corridor space when areas are being used, but shut cleanly to hide all clutter when not required.
The kitchen area makes good use of an awkward space, and the design has broken up the various elements of the kitchen into different materials, so that it won’t feel like the living room and kitchen have been merged together, rather that the room is an extension of the furniture used throughout the lounge. Considered storage will house all the client’s specified requirements and general kitchen paraphernalia. As with the hallway, pocket doors will be used here to slide aside to reveal the appliances and extra worktop space. The kitchen design will be bright and have a slightly more traditional feel, anything too ultra modern and reflective will be avoided.
The dining area will continue this theme, and will provide ample space for the family to eat in the evenings, and will be an ideal workspace in the daytime.
The living room will be the central focus and will be texturally interesting, bright, visually engaging and welcoming. Layered textures will provide an extremely comfortable and warm space, perfect for entertaining and spending time relaxing with family. Access to a general household w/c will be through the 3rd bedroom, which will have a sliding pocket wall, which can be pulled aside to create a living
room extension. This room will be highly versatile and flexible, easily becoming a nursery, playroom, study or guest bedroom. This room will also include a linen store and ironing facilities.
The bedrooms will be light and cosy, with luxurious carpeting and bedding. Both will have ample built­ in storage with hanging space, drawer space, and storable luggage racks. The master will contain window seating with additional storage. Beds will be predominantly wooden, not low lying and will have standard sized headboards. Both bedrooms will have en suite shower rooms, with creative mosaic tile floors and soft, curved lines. All surfaces will be selected for their durability and ease of