Tradition With A Twist II, NW1

- Redesign - / Regents Park
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Bathrooms: 4.5 + Utility space

Brief and Scope:

To re-liven three rooms of a large period family home, focusing on giving a refresh to the lounge and master bedroom as as well as giving back the dining room space which currently feels unrelaxed and acts as a storage room.


Giving the lounge a lift keeping in line with the current appreciated colour scheme. Not too much of the furniture will change, however a slight redesign is needed to help give the room a sense of space.
The addition of existing artwork gathered from elsewhere in the house will help refresh the room. Bringing in accessories will give the lounge a more layered feel, adding depth through texture and touches of green shades, making it feel finished.


Updating the bedroom to bring it in line with some more recently upholstered furniture in the space. Although current storage suits perfectly fine, and the layout will largely remain the same, decorating is needed, as well as bringing some additional lighting to brighten up the room.
Touching up of the areas which have fallen to wear and tear, and enhancing the room by refreshing the window dressings.

Dining Room and Scullery

We will also bring back to life a dining room which is currently being used for storage, to enable it to be used once more like a functioning dining room for dinner parties and entertaining, through the potential possibility of repurposing the scullery space to become storage for the collection of bikes in the house.

In redesigning the dining space, we will ensure it feels much more warm, approachable, relaxed and useable.