New Build Apartment, NW9

- Redesign - / Waterside
  • Living Space: 950 ft²
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 2

Brief and Scope:

To transform a new build 3 bedroom flat into a modern, interesting, warm and characterful home. Having lived all over the world, the clients had become accustomed to large, spacious and light filled apartments. London properties tend to offer a more compact, cosy way of living. They would like to create the feeling of a generous and spacious-looking interior which will be open, light and ideal for entertaining.

To make the space more functional one of the 3 bedrooms will become a home office, to cater for the clients, who tend to work from home often, but will retain a day bed, should extra sleeping space be required. Clever storage solutions mean that work can be tidied away easily, creating a relaxing atmosphere when the room is not in use as an office, allowing guests their personal space, but will be easily accessible should the clients need to access anything.

The other bedrooms will remain a restful guest room and grander master suite. Additional storage in the generous hallway cupboard will reduce clutter and allow the clean, open-plan feeling to extend into the living room and kitchen.

The kitchen will be the focus of social activity for the clients, who like to cook for, and entertain friends and family often. Adding an island will increase counter space and allow the hosts to mingle and be more a part of gatherings. An extendable table will provide much needed seating for larger parties, whilst folding away to give greater access to the kitchen and add to the open plan feeling when not in use.

The overall colour scheme includes a mixture of sandy tones with pops of colour. This will contrast nicely with the walnut flooring and white walls. Complimentary clean lines in muted textiles with accented colour will bring warmth and depth to the design and provide character and atmosphere to each individual room.

  • Budget: £30-50k