With Children In Mind, Surrey

- Developments - / Surrey
  • Living Space: was 2151ft² upgraded to 2,419 ft²
  • Bedrooms: 5
  • Bathrooms: 3.5

Brief and Scope:

To turn a slightly muddled and dated house in the Surrey countryside into a sleek and cosy family home. A rejigging of the layout and some minor extensions will make the space far more usable and attractive, as well as allowing the for the stunning views and gardens to be incorporated in the design.

Downstairs the focus will be on everyday practical living. Both a porch (at the front) and a boot room (at the back) will be created for outdoor garment storage, and to provide a barrier between the muddy outside world and the interior. Inside, the current entrance space, which at the moment is a bit of dead space, will provide a welcoming hall with plenty of storage and wow factor, with the addition of a suspended netted area above for the boys to play on.

The open plan kitchen and living space will allow for easy supervision of the boys in their younger years and integrated family living when they are older. The design will draw on the predominantly Scandinavian and Japanese styling that the client loves, that also compliments the age and style of the house. To achieve this integrated, subtle storage will be used throughout to create clean lines and clutter-free vistas. All furniture and fixtures to be simple, elegant and functional.

Also included downstairs will be a convenient W/C, a guest suite and a large utility room with outdoor access and accessible shower area for Zeus.

Upstairs a master suite with walk-in wardrobe and luxury ensuite will be a distinctly adult space, providing a child-free respite. The boys will each have a room, with windows overlooking the rolling hills as well as plenty of storage and play space, designed to grow with them and eventually become cosy teenage dens with room for larger beds and study areas.

A larger family bathroom will also be included on this floor, with the focus on natural light and hard wearing, easy to maintain surfaces, as it is likely to see a lot of use. Once again, discreet storage will be key to keeping the room feeling calm and tranquil whilst housing the necessary paraphernalia of everyday life.  Where possible, light tunnels will convey natural light to spaces, complemented by soft lower lighting and feature overhead and wall lighting to give the interior a warm and glowing feeling, which will accent the Scandinavian design features.