A home in the desert …

If you were walking in the Californian desert with your water bottle almost empty I have no doubt that this fantastic home would look like a mirage:

The desert is not for everyone but anyone who has seen one would struggle not to become bedazzled by its rugged beauty, enormity and unflinching power.  Much like an ocean it has no conscience and he who tries to tame it will be struck down, yet he who successfully lives in conjunction with it may indeed find a very peaceful place.  This architect has done a great job of, instead of creating a home that shelters one from the desert, creating a home that merges the dwelling with its surroundings.  For example, notice how there is natural terrain between the living area and the pool:

Much of the emphasis with this design is placed upon embracing the great outdoors: sheltered external living space is a great feature of this home and a perfect place to admire the beauty of the desert and to feel true isolation.

Credit: Freshome

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One comment

  • Steve Taylor March 19, 2012  

    Wow, this house is certainly unique and has some really beautiful features. I'm not sure that I could live in the desert, but if I did then I would want a house like this!