Amazing coastal home in New York State

When it comes to architecture I am a big fan of having various levels changes and a lack of symmetry; as a result this home really appeals to me!

I think it is fantastic how this home melds into its landscape: the wooden walkways certainly add to the idea of isolation and the multiple windows that the house boasts makes it look irresistibly alluring as one walks towards it.  The pool is also a really nice touch as is the way that the top level hangs over it:

The above picture really illustrates just how natural the home feels: not only can you overlook greenery whilst in the pool but the wood chosen for the decking compliments the surroundings perfectly.  An eye for detail also makes a home like this even that bit more special: the triangular window is a nice post-modern touch that confirms that this architect is able to break rules whilst creating a very special home.

Credit: Freshome

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