Beautifully Streamlined South African Home

Perhaps it is something to do with living in England, but I always love seeing beautiful swimming pools/water features.  However, for the most part, such features are quite separate from their attaching homes.  In this case, however, it is almost as though the swimming pool is a part of the home and the results are undeniably stunning:

This union of ‘home and pool’ makes not only looks stunning but also adds a more social aspect to the pool area as those who do not wish to partake in the usual swimming pool horseplay can sit in (dry) comfort without being completely detached from the rest of the group.  This undoubtedly lends a more homely feel to an already stunning pool area:

With any design of this nature it is vital that a degree of practicality is adhered to.  In the case of a pool area being merged with the ‘home’ area it is vital that the home does not get soaked (especially in the case of an expensive sofa) and this area gives any guests ample opportunity and space to get dry before lazing on the owner’s sofa!

Credit: Freshome


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