From Mexico, one of the most stunning homes we have ever looked at!

It is difficult to impress me when it comes to spectacular, innovative architecture: when you spend a lot of time looking at stunning properties it is easy to become jaded.  However, this property in Mexico really made me turn my head:

The glass walled living/dining area overlooks a understated water feature.  It seems almost incomprehensible from this angle that the room with its glass walls could support the giant structure that lies above it and these photos really highlight the beauty of this architecture:

For me, it is the way in which the architect has complimented the industrial look of this property with splashes of greenery which adds a real charm.  This greenery is not only seen in the above pictures but also through looking at the overflowing window boxes:

Overall I love the what this architect has done: this design is both stunning and sympathetic; both voluminous and vulnerable – a tribute to good architecture.

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