Lovely Canadian house – not sure about the bathroom tiles though!

What a clever bit of architecture this is!  A very modern take on the North American porch: the way it is lit gives this porch the feeling of being another room within the house and, I’m sure, will host some excellent dinner parties!

The internal is spacious and makes the most of what is an incredible view .  However, the fact that the view almost plays 2nd fiddle to this spectacular room really illustrates how well finished this room is.  The architect and building team have really surpassed themselves in this case: I can’t get past the floor which is as stunning and as apt as any I can remember.  I would love to get my hands on this space!

However, before we get too jealous there is a downside that I have thankfully found!  The tiles in the 2nd en-suite are far too busy and clash, in my opinion, with the wood finishes.  With a property as stunning as this one I believe that ‘less is more’ and in this case that would have been a useful rule to keep!

Credit: Freshome

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