Old meets new in spectacular fashion

I am always drawn to any design that incorporates a classic design and adds a modern twist.  This Spanish home is absolutely stunning – the way in which the architect has invited the beautiful surroundings into the home is quite inspired.  This is done through using the natural features of the stable:

The giant stable doors (that have been refinished quite expertly) allow one to not only to get fresh air and a gently breeze pumping through the property but also give one the opportunity to either eat a meal or lie in bed whilst having the sensation of being outside.  In this way the architect has made the most of what are superb surroundings and has resisted the temptation of over complicating the design.  A fine example of this can be seen with the water feature: an example of over design in this instance would have been to create a perfect grassed area around it but the architect/designer declined: why?

The answer is that, in order for a design like this to be truly successful it is necessary to merge the surroundings with the property.  The surroundings are rugged and untamed in their beauty and so this theme must be continued within the confines of property itself:

Credit: Freshome

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