Rustic meets modern in upstate New York

In recent weeks on this architecture blog I have alluded to the importance of the melding a home with its surroundings and this is another fine example.  The architect, in this case, has dedicated a huge area to outside seating by creating a over-sized decking area (I really love the armless sofas – they are very unassuming and, colour-wise, they really compliment the decking).  However, what really gives the area a great appeal is the use of lush long grass:

This is a fine example of the ‘less is more’ principle: you don’t always need a really cultivated garden to to bring out the best in a property – this ‘un-kept’ look really highlights the angular nature of the house and creates an enviable contrast.  The below picture gives you a better idea of the quirky nature of the property:

This walkway leads to the Atlantic Ocean and it is apt that the greenery here is rugged to match the ruggedness of the sea.  In stark contrast, to the North of the property lies the serene Mecox Bay and its serenity is matched cleverly by the garden to the north of the property which is far more cultivated than its southern counterpart:

This architect clearly understand the importance of variation within a large residence and has done an outstanding job of implementing such variation in a logical and coherent manner.

Credit: Freshome

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