Something a little more simple …

For the most part on this Monday addition of the blog we look at spectacular properties from around the globe that we applaud for their beauty and style and, quite often, for their sheer enormity.  Today I thought we could consider a more simplistic home that exists on an island on the south coast of Norway:

As we often see with excellent architecture, huge windows are employed to make the most of the stunning watery view.  On top of that, the most has been made of an obvious sun-trap through creating and generous sized decking area.  What I particularly like about this area is how the grass leads immediately into the decking area creating a link between the natural surroundings and the home itself:

What I really like about this property is the fact that the architect is aware of the surroundings (a theme that I seem to refer to a lot).  The architect is seemingly very sympathetic towards the rustic, imperfect, jagged, beautiful charm of Norway: he/she has done a fantastic job of reflecting the natural beauty within their design:

Notice how well the external stones match so well with the adjacent rock with regard to tone: it is almost as though the home has come up from under the earth such is the way in which it doesn’t, in any negative way, stand out from its surroundings.

Credit: Freshome

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