You have got to see this house!!!

Sometimes it takes me a while to find some inspirational architecture and sometimes I immediately find something stunning: today was an example of the latter!  As you probably know I am drawn to rugged backdrops and, having taken a bus through the Arizona desert, this property in Arizona completely inspired me!

In order to merge the backdrop with the property the architect has brought some greenery onto the front porch.  Looking at this picture you might feel that the property is a little on the small side but, as with everything in life, it is a matter of perspective!

This picture gives you a good example of how the architect had the desire to create a house that shuns symmetry and creates lots of ‘shelves and levels’.  I particularly like how the porch almost feels like it is part of the interior due to clever design.  It is also worth noting how important it is to have the correct plot of land with which to work and, judging from this view, it is clear that the owner got a pretty good deal!

Credit: Freshome

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