9 Artists You Need Follow On Instagram

Finding art for our clients can often be a tricky thing. Everyone has their own sense of style and taste. We adore finding new and interesting artists from all over the world who will delight our clients with every piece of work. We thought we would highlight 10 artists to follow on instagram as a taster for all the amazing artists that are out there.


Liv Vardy

Liv is based in Australia. Prints from $50 and original art from $220. Liv’s style has since developed using layers and intricate brush strokes to create texture and interest. The works are mostly in acrylics or oils and range from small detailed pieces, to larger works that bring life into a space. Sometimes moody, sometimes playful. Sometimes strong impressions of wave, water or cloud. Other times purely abstract bursts of emotion.


Gugi Goo

Gugi is based in Portugal. Prints from £83 and original art from £157. Life inspires me to create. Connection between people, human condition. I may feel inspired by a situation or just by feeling. Lyrics inspire me the most, phrases that remain deeply engraved in me. Often those words and letters appear in my mind, resound in my body. I want to show the sensation and connection of powerful words and fluttering energy with rhythm and space through the use of multiple layers.


Beth Partridge

Beth is based in West Sussex, UK. Art from £750. Beth Partridge is an artist whose expansive landscapes and cellular worlds are created in vibrant pools of colour mixed with echoes of structural, archetypal forms. Micro worlds within worlds of upside-down houses and tiny trees are a recurring theme. Working mainly in inks, with hints of acrylic and glaze mediums, spontaneity and presence are deeply integral to her creative process.


Laura Benetton

Laura is based in London. Art from £220. Laura Benetton is an Italian artist based in London who paints explosive abstract works. Her colourful compositions are visually arresting and strikingly unique. There is a kind of ‘shattered’ look to many of her paintings, as if shards of colour float above the surface of the canvas. We love the way Laura balances black and colour to create these sophisticated marvels.


Corinne Natel

Corrine is based in London. Art from £200. Corinne Natel is a contemporary abstract artist, based in London, specialising in acrylic and mixed media paintings. She is passionate about painting and is regularly creating new artworks. Her work is inspired by landscapes, nature, cities, travel, fashion, media and investigates colour, form, space and texture. She often works on seasons or nature based environments with colour, how colours work with one another and the colour relationship with the season or environment.



Hush. Art print from £975. Hush is an exciting urban artist who combines street art with more traditional art practices. One of Hush’s primary concerns is the representation of women, and key themes in his work are sexuality and pornography in Japanese culture. We love Hush for his dynamic approach to urban art, the hand-finished elements on his pieces and the sultry, emotive quality he achieves so effortlessly in his portraits. From the artist’s outdoor projects and special commissions to the limited edition prints available on Rise Art, Hush’s extraordinary style is unmistakable. 


Inslee Fariss

Inslee is based in New York, USA. Prints from $38 and original art from $475. “I create art for individual clients and large companies alike. I have been commissioned by the likes of Neiman Marcus, Nautica, Lela Rose, Jack Rogers, The Huffington Post, Moda Operandi, Shiseido, JCPenny, Leontine Linens, Elizabeth Arden and many other wonderful clients.”


Carolina Grunér-Ashcroft

Carolina is based in Helsinki, Finland. Art from €400.  “I have been painting full time since 2013 and have never been happier, since I now do what I love the most: follow my dreams and paint. I paint with the guidance of my intuition and my heart, letting my mind take a step back and rest. My inspiration is the feeling of freedom and thrill that comes from letting go of all expectations of how it should be, and instead finding out how it is. I believe that art should be fun, easily approachable and for everyone.”


Jessi Michelle

Jessi is based in Paris, France. Painted glass from $180, originals $35 and art prints from $18. Jessi Michelle is an american artist and designer based in Paris, France. She loves all things bright, colorful and sparkly! After working 5+ years as an art director in the advertising industry, she set out on her own build the colorful world of EttaVee!

Lauren Williams

Lauren is based in Dallas, USA. Prints from $90 and original art from $450. Lauren Williams is the artist behind the modern-bohemian, dip dyed fiber art that is adding beauty, texture and interest to walls throughout the world. With a passion to design inspiring, peaceful and artful settings, the self-taught painter wanted to create an alternative to canvas art for her own home. A large, blank wall in the artist’s dining room inspired her first wall hanging. Motivated by a love for modern art and the art of macramé, she developed a form of fiber art unlike any other.

Which one is your favourite? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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