Education has always been a passion for Kia, our studio prides itself on our team continuing to learn and grow throughout their time with us. With a focus on continuing to improve our business at every turn Kia has become the ‘go-to’ person within the design industry on bringing together technology and design, creating systems for business that works helps both clients, contractors and designers to stay on the same page.


Susie Rumbold, Brian Woulfe and Kia Stanford with Charles Leon chairing a discussion on Fees


Having spoken at 100% deign, the BIID Knowledge conference, Decorex, House and Garden show and many others Kia is always happy to lend her expertise to design panels as well as hosting sessions on software that we use within the studio. Our focus currently is on Basecamp, and Gsuite.

Recent appearances include:

Camberyard 2020 – Basecamp Coordinating projects easily (online presentation and workshop)

Camberyard 2020 – Working with a team (online presentation and workshop)


BIID 2020 – Getting your systems in place (online presentation and workshop)

Decorex 2019 – Panel discussion on communication with clients sponsored by eporta

BIID Inside Knowledge 2019 – Panel discussion on Fees

BIID Inside Knowledge 2018 – ‘The App that changed my life’ presentation


Please contact the studio ( for fees and rates available