Is it worth travelling around the world for good design?

You could travel the world almost without stopping if you wanted to visit all the design fairs, almost every day of the calendar would be filled with inspiration, travelling and meeting new suppliers. It would be glorious, every day would bring a new delight and you would see the world but it does pose a problem – when would you ever get anything done?! We take on up to 15 projects at any one time and so we often limit the number of design fairs that we go to we often ask the question; is it worth travelling around the world for good design?

Of course, it is! You need to pick well and do your research. This year will be the first time that we are visiting the Oslo Design Fair, a three day fair just outside of Oslo. We have elected to visit this over the ever popular Maison et Objet because we have several clients who have been leaning towards a more Scandinavian design and with them and future clients in mind we have decided to diversify our supplier’s list to Scandinavian suppliers.

We constantly keep an eye out for new and upcoming design fairs and this year will also see us visit the Dubai Design Festival and Dragonmart for our house build in Dubai. This will allow us to use more local suppliers to the property and bring not only the cost down but also the shipping time. Every part of the world will have new suppliers that are only available to that area, it doesn’t mean that they can’t be shipped it just means that they haven’t looked into it yet. We have found that most suppliers are extremely accommodating and will always help if they can.


We have a round up of the Oslo Design Fair if you want to do a deep dive into the overall style and products we found including some that you will definitely be seeing in our upcoming designs.

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