Home Sauna Design: What You Need To Know

We often get asked about what design features will add value to a home. A sauna is not normally on the list however once you get to a certain size and style of property it is often a must. A home spa for luxury design is becoming more wanted and more attainable, for that reason we have been looking at sauna design on a more regular basis.

What is a sauna?

When we think of sauna’s we often think of the traditional Finnish sauna design, it’s even made a lovely cameo in Frozen. This is probably due to it’s Scandinavian beginnings. In essence it is a hot box room with a very low humidity, typically recognisable by it’s wood paneling and slatted seats. As one of our suppliers suggests,


The heat in a sauna can reach temperatures up to 100°C but the low humidity (20-30%) transforms this into a pleasant embrace that relaxes the muscles and stimulates bodily purification. The wood exudes the perfumes of nature, issuing a primitive call to rediscover your inner calm, freeing the mind of all stress.

All sounds very lovely and the perfect addition if you are looking to add wellness in to your home. Wellness is becoming more important as we have recently designed a meditation room for clients.


Benefits of a sauna

A sauna can be fantastic if you are a runner, cyclist or are just interested in glowing skin. There are many benefits to a sauna but a major one can be to help muscles relax, whether that be post work out or after work tension can be a killer and heat is a fantastic way to relieve it.

What technically does a sauna need?

In terms of space you can actually find that a sauna can be as small as 130cm square! Pretty amazing when we are looking to add them in to smaller properties and make the most of out the space. They can also run on as little as 2.5kw of power (same as an oven!)

What about tech?

As you may know we love a bit of clever tech in design at Kia Designs and sauna’s are no different.  When designing for wellness it’s important to remember that it’s not just about investment, there is a holistic benefit to having an item such as a sauna in your home.


It’s not enough to have beautiful and easy temperature controls. When we look at tech we are talking about full sound systems in your sauna can be the perfect place to relax.


There is also the option for a Lighting system with LED RGB colour therapy. The options are all worth considering when you go through with your designer.


Images and quote provided by effegibi

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