Inviting Contractors To Quote For Work

Getting quotes for work can be a bit of a minefield. It’s rather risky to only get one quote for a job, however you can often receive wildly varying quotes and timescales from different companies, for the same job. This can make it difficult to know which one to trust.


When starting a new project which includes any building work, we would recommend looking at a few different companies to try and find best deal for our client, within the project timeframe. Ideally you are looking for contractors who strike the perfect balance of quality and value for money.

Firstly, spend a bit of time researching different companies online. Then narrow the search down to about four different contractors. Ideally, include within this one known company you have worked with previously, whose work and pricing you trust. They can be used as a benchmark when comparing new quotes.

The next step is to arrange a convenient time to meet each individual company on site, sending over the floor plans ahead of the meeting.

Meeting on site gives an opportunity for the contractor to provide you with a more accurate quote

Having the opportunity to go around the site in person is a really helpful stage. Not only does it give you a chance to walk them through the property discussing specifically what work is required and giving them a chance to make notes, this also gives the contractors a clearer idea of the project. Being able to suss out the location and access of the project will help them give you a more accurate quote. It is always good to have extra copies of floor plans on you to hand out, just in case! 

When the quotes come through, compare both the itemisation costs and timescales of the work, using your trusted contractor as your gauge.  This will enable you to make a decision on who would be best to go for, within the timetable and budget of the project.

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