Timing Your Finances For A Hassle Free Home Refurb

Information can often be difficult to come by especially when you are looking for information regarding financing your home refurb or finance for interior design. It can get even more murky when you want to try and find out how payments work for a design project. This should work as a good basic layout for when payments are due and to who.

Payments Schedule For Interior Designer

  • Fees upfront (for the above project this would be £7500 upon signing the contract)

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  • Design items paid when design is frozen provided you are completely happy with it
  • This is before we do the tender documents.

So at this stage we will have: rough costs for builders (these are normally pretty on the ball) and exact costs for all the design elements (kitchen, flooring, lighting etc). If you are feeling nervous regarding the tender we can split the design items bill into hard items that will need to be installed by the contractor and softer items that have a shorter lead time (side tables, new bed, anything basically not nailed down). This often helps to give you a little extra cash if things don’t go according to plan with the first few weeks of the strip out or funds will become available at a later date.


Contractor Schedule Costs

Normally 30% upfront, 10% retainer with weekly remainder paid weekly to the contractor. This does differ from contractor to contractor but gives you a good ballpark.


It’s obviously not always that straight forward but for most of our clients we try and keep things as clean and simple as possible as a complex process only leads to confusion later in the project and have it be increasingly difficult to be able to access how things are going.


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