The Smartest Piece Of Furniture Ever Designed

When you are looking at small London apartment design one thing becomes clear, storage is needed. It was also needed to transform this stunning meditation room in North London. This piece of furniture was designed by our studio to not only create a wonderful chest of drawers with a meditation space above but to hide a safe, desk, double bed for guests and storage for suitcases. Note even the ultimate bedroom storage ideas cover this many products in one!

We Rise To A Challenge

 The Inspiration

These clients had been inspired by our ever popular sleek bedroom design that includes a platform bed with chest of drawers. We love being able to make the most out of every part of a room and so when we are offered a challenging design such as this one we will always push the boundaries of how much we can fit in (sometimes it’s even an extra bedroom!)


This time we weren’t looking to just have a chest of drawers. We wanted more. We wanted the room to double up as a study for when the clients find themselves working from home. With hidden seat and a hidden printer.


We also wanted to make sure that it wasn’t just about relaxation. It was also about making space for the occasional guest providing them with both a mediatation space and a hidden double bed below it.


Bespoke Furniture - Meditation Platform.png


Still not satisfied we wanted to make sure that every square foot of the room was going to be working hard. Although this isn’t always needed we took note that the property doesn’t have a loft facility so we made sure that large items such as suitacases could be quickly as easily hidden away behind under the mattress and behind the chest of drawers. Looking for magical bedroom storage ideas? Look no further, we adore creating bespoke options like this with clients and relish the challenge every space brings.


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