Bespoke Joinery: The Ultimate Problem Solver

Difficulty finding a piece of furniture which fits your requirements? No problem, often bespoke can be the way to go. Especially if you are designing bespoke furniture for small spaces.

On any project, we want to be able to provide the client with exactly what they want. We love sourcing items that they absolutely love and when it’s not the case of finding an item off the shelf, we also look to create bespoke pieces which can fit the request, overcome potential obstacles and give something unique to them.

Inspirational Piece

One client’s request for a mid-century style sideboard, which would be used for shoe storage, lead us down this route. The request was to have a sideboard 300mm deep to fit neatly in their hallway.

Our first step was to see if we could source a piece of furniture within these dimensions and preferred style. Our concern here was that something stand alone with a depth of 300mm and a length of over 1000mm, would not be secure and would topple over, when opened.

The Process

Extensive searches online and at fairs, including the recent Decorative and Antiques Fair, did not bring up any pieces which quite fitted the bill.

Bespoke Sideboard


A solution we were able to offer instead, something more practical and personal, was a bespoke designed sideboard.

Inspired by an image of a 1970s sideboard, with the input of the client, we were able to come up with two design options for a piece that was 300mm deep, 800mm high by 1600mm wide.


Bespoke Sideboard With Brass


Due to the narrow shape, the piece would need to be secured to the wall. We suggest 300mm as a minimum depth for storage, to provide enough space for shoes, taking into consideration average shoe sizes.


Bespoke dimensions


Although having a bespoke piece of furniture designed may be more expensive than something you would find on the high street, you gain an individual piece, which works on a practical and aesthetic level and fits perfectly in your space.


Bespoke Furniture can create some of the most innovate designs, like this meditation room that has an all singing and all dancing piece of bespoke furniture

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