How To Pick A Room Colour Scheme?

Looking forward to a whole new colour scheme? For many people, creating a room from scratch is fantastically exciting…at first.  It can quickly become difficult to see the wood from the trees – you spend a weekend traipsing round all the usual places looking for a sofa (of course, by about the third shop they all feel like the most comfortable thing you have ever had the pleasure of taking a seat on!)

Picking Colours

Picking Colours

So you have managed to find the perfect sofa (a great starting point by the way) however you are now becoming increasingly overwhelmed by the selection of colours that said sofa comes in – do you go with a colour? or maybe you should stick to a neutral? or does that just sound too boring? Chances are that you haven’t really considered where are how exactly you are going to add colour in to the room – this is not uncommon for people to get a head of themselves and want to start buying before really considering what they want the finished room to look like.


So picking a colour… I have randomly picked a colour from my Pinterest colour inspiration board but the overall principle can (hopefully) be used for any colour scheme. Step one is finding an image of a colour that you would want to live in – this doesn’t need to be a room but can just be a gorgeous image that makes you think ‘yes that is the colour that makes me feel at home’

Greys, Blues and Turquoise

From Tracy Walkers Smith on Tumblr

So here it is, my inspiration for a room scheme – doesn’t look like much of a room at the moment but this scheme is going to be BEAUTIFUL!  What’s great about the above image is that is is very tonal, so it will allow us to bring in lots of different greys, blues and turquoises so that the scheme doesn’t look too manufactured or flat.

We need to decide what is going to be the focus point of the room, so for arguments sake we are going to say that we want to make a real statement with the sofa.  We have decided on the wallpaper for the main fireplace wall, that has a fantastic almost shell like pattern to it (see how small details slowly bring the design together?!) and we have gone with the central paint swatch for the rest of the walls.

Romo Tulipa Collection

Romo Tulipa Collection

These colours would work very well to bring in the bright blues and the many tonal colours that we are looking for in our inspiration.  What is always important to keep in mind is that you don’t need every single item to do a huge amount of the design.  The design is layered and woven together, you can have one item that literally is only there to bring in a small amount of your inspiration but each part is extremely important and shouldn’t be overlooked.

These fabrics would also be a beautiful addition to the colour scheme, again they are tonal and so aren’t too overpowering in the colours that they have in them.  They would work wonderfully layered together as a window dressing.

Picking a colour scheme needn’t be as stressful as you might think,  find some (or even one!) image that you like and pull out the colours, textures, lights etc that draws you in to that image.  These will be your starting points for an amazing design.

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