Interior Designers Guide To Glamping

What Happens When An Interior Designer Designs A Glamping Tent

The Best Way To Camp

Heading to a festival this year? Everyone has a different idea about what it’s like to “rough it” and if you’re someone who shudders at the idea of sleeping outdoors on the cold, lumpy ground without the luxuries that you’re used to, why not make your tent a true home away from home with our recommended designer items.

Glamping is the perfect combination of enjoying hotel luxury while experiencing the great outdoors. The great thing about this recent craze is that you can personalise your tent to suit you whether you want to bring the outdoors in with a few hanging plants or enjoy laid-back luxury with a simple, minimal approach.

Of course, you’re going to have to pack the essentials, but that doesn’t mean you can’t connect with nature in style by adding throw pillows, battery powered fairy lights and even a boho style rug that you can place at the door to keep the mud outside where it belongs. Opt for decorative furnishings with different textures that are bound to introduce some much-needed comfort into your camping experience. Indulge in your bedding and pack an air bed before adding a duvet over your sleeping bag to create that homely feel. You’ll find that these extras will make all the difference to your time away.

The Designers Guide To Glamping from a London Interior Designer

You might be out of your comfort zone but who said you have to leave technology at home? Keep up with your social media and pack a solar charger for your phone and add light to your wigwam with electric candles – safe and eco-friendly. You might even want to keep the party going after hours with a portable speaker that will connect to your phone.

So, when it comes to looking for inspiring items for your festival experience, Kia Designs has a team on hand to give you a fresh perspective.

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