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We completed a side return extension for kitchen-diner in a property in N16. Here are some images of the project and information about some of the great features that have been installed!

Contemporary Mixed With Rustic Features

Clean Cut Lines, Rustic Tones and Fun Features

Beautiful contemporary kitchen, with crisp and defined lines and edges, great for ease of use, which is necessary in a large family home. The use of rustic features such as the raw wood bowl and muted farmhouse table contrast and soften the space, and really make the colour scheme pop. The door in the far left corner is a sliding door, finished in blackboard paint. The blackboard paint reinstates the door as a fun and useful tool for the kids to draw on, or to jot down what’s missing from the fridge. The new skylight brings so much more light into what would have been a rather dark space, opening it up to the outside world, whilst the hanging plants in the corner bring some of that outside world in and breath a little more life into the space.

Dining Area, Perfect for Dinner Parties and Family Meal

Hand-Made Glass Drop Light Feature

This spider pendant light feature was designed and fabricated by a collaboration of suppliers, to ensure it was just right for the client. The glass shades are hand-blown making each one unique. It adds a bit of excitement to the area, drawing guests through the kitchen to this great dining space. The add a bit of drama to a dinner party, whilst also giving a practical amount of light where it is needed. Once seated, guests can appreciated the beautifully manicured and calming garden through bifold doors and a vast, single glass panel window. The bifold doors can fold back neatly to make the space feel like it is no longer divided, but one large fluent area and part of the outside world.

Vast Glass Expanses

Opening Up Interior Spaces and Modern Features

The addition of vast glass panels brings an exceptional amount of light into the space. The uninterrupted panels give the illusion of not just more space, but also open up the interior kitchen/ diner to the outside area. The integrated hob in the island unit, adds luxury and modernity. The strip along the back of the hob is an integrated extractor fan that elegantly elevates when needed. A cantilevered wooden work top creates a brilliant breakfast bar, ideal for feeding the kids on a school morning, or as a drinks bar when guest visit for dinner parties.

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