On the search for… pendant lamps for a victorian property

For me, and for my clients, lighting is extremely important and since we work in largely period properties around London it is also often essential to the Interior Design of the property. However, it often worries our client’s when we use the word “chandelier”, they start thinking or a great big huge gaudy piece of crystal hanging above all their gorgeous new modern furniture – fear not however…chandeliers (or pendent lamps we will call them for the sake of some of our clients!) can’t be glittery, glamorous and most of all modern.

Here are a few of our favourites:


I adore the chandelier above as it produces the prettiest most glamorous light whilst still being beautifully modern. Available from Within 4 Walls from £347 for a single flute.

Source: 2modern.com via Kia on Pinterest


The lights above sort of remind me of cousin IT from the Adam’s family but I still love them!  They are available from 2modern from $914.00

Source: ziapriven.com via Kia on Pinterest


How can you not simply fall in love with this chandelier??!! The H2O rocks chandelier is from Zia Priven P.O.A.  Which one is your favourite? Which would you blow the budget for?

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  • Liivi Hess September 9, 2011   Reply →

    Oh wow, definitely the one from Within Four Walls! I love hexagons for some reason!

    Cool post!

    x Liivi


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