Top Floor Renovation Regent’s Park NW1

This is a top floor renovation project we worked on in Regent’s Park. We managed to convert an awkward and somewhat unusable floor into a generous Guest Suite with ensuite, a second guest room, a kids bedroom, family bathroom and utility, providing our clients with a lot more space to work with. Here are some details on some of our favourite parts of the project.

Approachable and fun Child’s Bedroom

Adaptable Bedroom

An extremely versatile and adaptable bedroom for your little one. Its neutral scheme paired with the fun harlequin wallpaper feature wall, means that the scheme is both playful and sophisticated, creating a room that will not be quickly out-grown like most kids rooms. Interchangeable items such as the fun, round tree carpet, and personal affects such as art works and photos, can easily be swapped in and out at the child grows older. The elegant design also compliments the rest of the property’s new design beautifully, which focuses on updating its traditional features with contemporary touches, whilst retaining its period charm.

Guest Bedroom

Luxurious Guest Room

A beautifully sophisticated guest room, with muted but decorative wallpaper and a complimentary colour scheme. The luxurious bottle green curtains are made of a scrunchy satin, with weighty velvet panels. The satin material is perfect for curtains as it gathers and drapes beautifully, whilst the velvet end panels add more depth and variation of texture. The bespoke headboard fro Alter London adds real grandeur to the room and points to the period history of the property. The bed is then set off with a bespoke through made with some fabric for the clients travels, of which they have found memories, creating a lovely personal and sentimental touch.

The Suite & Shower Room

Generous and Contained Guest Room Suite

This Guest Room Suite contains a bank of built in wardrobes, an ensuite, desk area and bespoke built in super king storage bed. It is a perfect space for having larger groups to stay, such as extended family. The ensuite gives them the necessary privacy that they need and creates a self contained area. As well as this, despite the luxuriously large bed, there is still ample floor space to lay out extra beds and sleeping gear. The storage bed, and bank of wardrobes also provides not only enough storage for the guest belongings, but also plenty of storage for items that do not need to be accessed daily, such as camping gear, bike accessories etc.

To see more images from this project, check out our portfolio by clicking here.

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