How Our Service Works



Good design is built on solid functionality and our design service is no different. Through the years we have honed and perfected a service that allows our designs to shine through and our clients to follow the process knowing that they are in safe hands every step of the way.

Our design service is broken down into five phases

Phase One – Inspiration & Analysis

The inspiration meeting is scheduled at our office, with introductions to our team. At this meeting, we go through all the requirements for your home as well as looking at samples and any inspiration you have yourself gathered.
It’s important for our designs to perfectly match your needs, this includes both functions as well as aesthetics.

Our inspiration meeting allows you an informal time to discuss each of the rooms, plans moving forward, how you will use the space, colours, and a more detailed version of your needs and wants.
Often this process throws up lots of new design ideas that will be included in your revised brief and scope. It also helps us start to outline the process helping to identify and manage all specialist consultants including structural engineers and possible external agencies we will need to work with.

We take you through every phase on our project management software, Basecamp. It makes every step accessible and allows our clients to be as involved as they wish. Creating a service that suits each client and prioritises their time is extremely important to our team.

Phase Two – Concept

Presentation Meeting

This is the combination of your design presentation together with supporting materials that allow you to see how the design will fit within the boundaries of the mood board, the property and the investment.

The development of that concept allows for items to be woven together in a seamless way.

We breakdown the concept to a full ff&e presentation so you know that the entire design is based upon realistic investment expectations and can easily be carried out to the specification needed – it is not simply a concept, it is a plan forward. The 2d drawings and 3d renders allows a glimpse into what the design will look like when finished

Function is the basis of good design, when the function is effortless it allows us to work our magic with the aesthetics of the design. Making details the prime focus.

In addition to renovations and interior schemes, we create bespoke joinery designs for walk-in wardrobes/built-ins, kitchens, bedside tables, headboards, bathroom vanity units, banquette seating and other storage solutions. These items allow us to make the most of our clients homes.

Your presentation can include 3D SketchUp renders, digital clay render or full photorealistic renders depending on the needs of the design and the timeline for the project.

3D Clay Render

Phase Three – Creation

This takes place through producing a tender package. This package is then given to contractors who are looking to work on the project. These are picked out of an ever growing selection of contractors we work with. From a redesign where we might need decorators who are experts at installing coving and hand painted wall coverings to development work that will require building control, foundation work, excavation. Each project is unique and the amount of detail that is needed to provide the correct finish is imperative to creating the unique and flawless designs Kia Designs is known for.

Dining Area

In short our tender package is a guide to creating the design. However, although it is the blueprint there are many details, amendments and final finishes that may need to change due to the direction the project goes. We are always looking at the finished feel of the home and so our team is able to amend or value engineer designs whilst maintaining the overall feel.


Phase Four – Co-ordination

Once the design has gone through the tender process items are ready to move from our design team through to our procurement team.
Each item is checked against the tender and purchased ready to go to site, a contractor or in to the warehouse ready for installation when the project is completed.
Logistics makes the design flow from a concept to a home. It allows the contractors to carry out their works with a deadline in mind and allows our team to be reactive to changes when they happen.

Supporting the contractors with both documentation and expertise means that solutions and options are brought to our clients and not problems.


Every project will have a list of issues, large and small that may affect everything from the timeline to the placement of art. Our studio looks to hone the process so that the heart of the design is always kept in the forefront of the solutions presented.
This includes using our online project management tools to allow the contractors immediate access to our team without waiting for the next site visit. Taking the time for problem solving down to the minimum.


Addressing the purchasing of each item that creates our designs is no small feat. A single room can have over 100 elements with every detail considered. Fabrics, trims, interliners, handles, switches. Each item may have up to 35 different finishes, with an eye for detail our team keeps every items in line with the approved design. Items need to go to the correct areas at the correct time to keep the design moving forward.

Our team works to make this process as clean as possible. With furniture going through to our warehouse where is it checked and stored until the delivery and installation. Fixtures and their specifications are issued to the contractors on site in line with their timeline.

Phase 5 – Delivery & Aftercare

Installation Days

Arranging the installation of your home is more than just picking a date for it all to arrive in a van. Most project we work on require several days of weeks of installation.
Working out a schedule that allows items to be installed and set in place is extremely important. We work together the curtain installers, art installers, the concierge (if there is one) and no two installs will look the same. There is an art to bringing everything in, placing it and styling it so that your house is a home from moment one.

This process also allows us to meticulously check each item as it comes in to the property. Working with out white glove delivery service our team oversees it all.

No delivery is too challenging and we work tirelessly so that you don’t have to. Even window deliveries via a cherry picker in central London have become second nature to our experienced team.

At the end of the installation our team brings in a cleaning team before your keys are handed over and your property becomes the home we have all been so excited to create.

The Finished Dining Room


We understand that clients have a need for both privacy and also immense joy in showing the home that we have created together.

We take great pride in photography for our projects allowing our clients homes to be viewed in a nonintrusive way (we remove all personal affects) and allows others to see the style, functions and innovations that create each design.

Many of these designs go on to win awards for both their design and their approach to the design challenges overcome.

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