Creating A Home Away From Home

When you live half way around the world it can be difficult creating the same homely feel to a property that you only visit 4 or 5 times a year. For our clients who live in Dubai but visit London often that challenge can be particularly difficult when you have become accustomed to a property that holds a lot of memories but no longer serves your family in the way you hoped it would. When creating a home it’s important to remember that times have changed and how we live has changed too. Houses have adapted and bringing this particular family home is going to need to be done with a compassion towards those special memories.

Colour Scheme

Possible Colour Scheme for the Project

The main problems with the current property are to do with layout and light.  Interiors in Knightsbridge can come in a variety of different formats. This building has art deco roots but has been changed and modified throughout the years stripping it from a lot of its character, we aim to give it back a bit of that character introducing beautiful wall finishes and architectural details. Going for a design scheme that works to make the most out of the architecture is crucial to creating a design that resonates when you stand in it.

Holly Hunt Sofa

Holly Hunt Sofa possibility for the lounge

To create the homely feeling that they client is excited about creating will be created through layering of fabrics, textures and patterns.  This will create a slightly more “lived in” look than some of our previous designs including our latest Knightsbridge design who provide the referral for this particular client.  They had seen that we are able to create the quality of finish to a very specific brief – even though it was massively different from their own brief!

Pops of Colour

Bright pops of colours will help to create interest

We specialise in being able to delve in to the needs and wishes of our clients to create the home that is best for them.  We love the diversity of our clients and how different each of their homes can be from Notting Hill to Paddington the designs are extremely varied.

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