Because We’re Worth It; Adding Value

Our Baker Street project is on the market! We’re very proud of our contribution to the refurbishment of this lovely listed flat, and as you can see, the works and the rising market have resulted in the property almost doubling since its last sale and netting our old clients just over £1m.

Hiring a competent interior designer is the easiest way to create a home you can both live in comfortably and add value to. An architect will tell you how to get the most sq footage out of a space, but that isn’t always the best value. Recently our clients hired an architect who suggested they dig down at the front of their house and give the basement room a bay window, thus turning it into a liveable room. On paper, this sounds like excellent advice, and they were keen to go ahead. In reality, they already have more bedrooms that they need and use upstairs. What they wanted the basement for was a cinema room, so after you’ve spent £9000 digging down and installing the windows, you are going to pay to cover them up with super black-out blinds so that you can watch films in the daytime £3500. By doing so, you’ve also lost all the space outside your front door, so you’re bins have to now go in the garden and be wheeled through the house on bin day, plus they have a baby, so there is no where to park the pram whilst you get the front door open. A windowed basement is predicted to add between £8-12k value to the property, so it really isn’t worth it for them. Plus it will mean a future buyer will be purchasing a property with ‘value adding potential’ which ironically adds to the price.

We have worked with clients on flats for rent or resale, and we have a fantastic track record. Our Earl’s Court converted ballroom refurbishment saw the property sell for over 60% of its original value, compared to the rest of the street which only went up 20%. They only spent 10% of the value on us and the works, so they made a very tidy profit.

Check out the Baker Street listing here:

Our Baker Street project

Our Baker Street project

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