The Fool Proof Carpet

We’re often visited at our office by sales reps who have come to show us their new wares and demonstrate their products. It’s great to see what’s in the pipeline before it hits any showroom, and it’s always good to have a library of innovative products in mind when listening to clients concerns.

A recent visit that most impressed us was Sylka Carpets. They are a multi award-winning carpet manufacturer that produces manmade fibre replicas, very accurately. The result is a super high quality product at a reasonable price (ok, they are closer to the top end, but far more affordable than the real thing), which is far more durable and easy to maintain than their natural counterparts. And we struggled to tell the difference. Think silk, cashmere of wool carpets without the wear (the fibre structure is incredibly hard wearing and won’t breakdown), without the pilling (as they are spun from single threads you won’t get any fluff) and impervious to most stains (the fibres aren’t porous, so unless you coat it in a painting substance, it shouldn’t hold any staining). So we’re talking a thick, white carpet you can pour red wine all over and leave no trace. And even better, if you do stain or damage it (a client dropped her red nail polish) instead of having to replace the whole room, you can simply cut around the damage segment and patch in a new piece, which will blend in seamlessly. For this reason, the company suggests buying a few extra meters, as the dyeing of each roll can be slightly different and this will guarantee you an invisible finish.

The ability of the product to be patched seamlessly, means you can create wonderful patterns within your carpet. Any design is possible, but obviously prices vary, a straightforward inset boarder would be very reasonable, a hand drawn, curved image will take longer and cost accordingly. There is a minimum order, so alas it is better for houses rather than small flats, but the guys are wonderfully accommodating and might well be able to pair you up with someone else to reach the required order quantity.

We can’t recommend this product enough – the suppliers are lovely and super helpful, the product is gloriously soft under foot and looks incredible, and the no maintenance aspect is very appealing.

A selection of Sylka carpet samples

A selection of Sylka carpet samples

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