Inspiration For A Knightsbridge Interior

One of the most exciting parts of a project is hearing what inspires our clients. Whether it be a trip abroad, how they live with their family, the types of colours they like it all helps us to build a picture of what their new home should hold for them.

Images are often a fantastic way of doing this as they can convey to us more than just the basic requirements but also the tones and feeling that our clients hope to achieve with their new home.  There are also often themes within the images that they pick that they might not consciously know all contains the exact same design aesthetic, showing that they are drawn to either those kinds of products or a feeling in the images.




It is this that often inspires us when creating a design scheme, we are able to take all the inspiration that the client has and combine it with over a decade of design knowledge to create a scheme that oozes personality and functionally works.

Each of these images gives a small amount of detail of what we will be looking to input in to the designs.  We want hardwearing surfaces like marble together with clever lighting and beautiful finishes that draw your eye to them and complete the spaces. We are also looking for innovative ways with bedroom design and ways to be able to pull together not only many different sleeping arrangements but to be able to do it in a way that works well with the rest of the design.

Colours in general are very neutral with hints of coppers, greens, and golds.  We will also be adding in some deep teals and bronzes to give the whole scheme more life. We want each of the spaces to feel comfortable and relaxed, we don’t want a riot of colour taking over each space. We want it to be measured and add to the design as a whole.

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