Living in a Terrarium: The Resurgence of the 1970’s House Plant

At Dulux’s Colour Futures we discovered what trends were in store for 2017. In particular we noticed the re-emergence of the 1970s house plant, creeping their way back into our beloved homes. Dulux’s New Romanticism Collection is rooted in in nature and showed us just how we can bring life back into our homes. (read our Colour Futures post here)

Dulux’s New Romanticism colour palette embraces the Hippie and Bohemian culture of the 1970s that we all know too well, mixing wicker seating and crochet accessories with muted and earthy tones, as well as showing the new shift from small floral arrangements to full on garden rooms.

New Romanticism Palette

New Romanticism Palette

Hanging Garden

Add life to your home with an indoor hanging garden

But this resurgence is not just about the beautiful aesthetics of the flora and fauna. Bringing plants into your home can really transform your space, and make it a brighter, healthier place to dwell!

They don't always have to be green..

They don’t always have to be green..

Making more of your space

With around 74% of the world’s population not living in cities, space in the metropolis comes at a premium. With the majority of us living in flats in those cities, outside space is even rarer to come by. But indoor plants such as spider or rubber plants give you the opportunity to bring a bit of that so desired outside space into your own home. You could simply plant up some pots around a window sill, or hang some trailing baskets from your ceiling to make an indoor garden. What’s more, you don’t need green fingers to keep them going either, many indoor plants such as spider plants and succulents are notoriously easy to care for. So if gardening isn’t your thing have no fear, there are plants out there to suit everyone.

Making your home into a retreat

With many of us living in the city, there is often an overwhelming need to get away from it all. After having a long day in the office, leaving to be surrounded by concrete building blocks and busy traffic and a cramped tube home, don’t we all just want a bit of tranquility amongst the hustle and bustle? Garden rooms and indoor plants can provide that retreat from the busy city life, and what’s more can be enjoyed all year round, just what you need with that cold weather slowly approaching. You can use them to section off areas of rooms to make secluded snugs, or even just have them dotted around your home to give yourself a nature boost and freshen up from those polluted streets outside! Make your very own natural retreat in your own home, like living in a terrarium.

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  • eMoov October 20, 2016  

    Placing plants inside your house can set a very relaxing atmosphere. It can make you feel like you are outdoor, enjoying some fresh air and a beautiful view. For sure, this trend will continue to boost over years.

  • katie October 20, 2016  

    Glad you agree, it can indeed! Long may it continue!