Nature Blows

January saw us launch our very exclusive new rug line which has been featured in April’s issue of ‘Grand Designs’ OUT NOW!

Designing these rugs was one of the most enjoyable experiences as it allowed me full creative freedom to put some of the millions of ideas that go flying through my head every day in to a finished product.  One of the earliest of the designs was ‘Nature Blows’.  I wanted to find a way to really capture the fluidity of autumn leaves in a way that they would still look like they were in movement once the rug was finished.




This was all about using the different textures of the rugs designs, and using silk and pile height was a great way to give movement to some of the leaves.  Silk is fantastic for this as the colour of it changes as you view the rug from different sides – this give the illusion of movement.


This gorgeous design is now available to buy online!

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