New Tile Trends 2016

It’s trade show time again. This week we’ve been looking at new trends in tiles and at the various wares on show at Surface Design. The big eIMG_3272merging trends are more geometric shapes, lots of hand-painted effect tiles and imprinted porcelain. Whilst we never really go in for “trends”, as nothing dates a property faster, we do like keeping up with the latest in manufacturing techniques. As the trend for strong geometric styling continues, advances in technology means the interlocking mechanisms have become simpler, and the tile panels larger, meaning they will be far more affordable to ship and install. Just as we saw with parquet flooring and engineered wood, chevron tiles in pre-made blocks are also becoming very popular. It’s an easy way to achieve a luxury finish, either as a wood effect throughout the house or a more visually arresting way to arrange marble in a bathroom.

Patterned tiles have become a little more adventurous, through the introduction of varied tones in sophisticated pastels that have a more subtle effect and appeal to those who would normally shy away from anything too loud or detailed.

What goes around comes around, and (you might shudder to hear it) 1970s led designs are still continuing. Crazy pavement is back, but it’s had quite the make over. Coloured grout is also growing in popularity. Grey, white and coffee coloured tiles are particularly lifted with orange or teal grouting.

Feature tiles are still going strong, this year will see more 3D tiles entering the market as they continue to be very popular. The other big trend in features tiles is to have an arrangement of back lit stones, or coloured perspex, as a focal point in a bathroom or hall.


Feature tile trends

tile trends

Patterned tiles

tile trends

Patterns and tones available in 2016

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  • Piaggi April 11, 2016  

    Truly awesome tiles! I love hexagonal shapes, I have theses on my kitchen’s floor which I’ve renovated last year, seems like these are gaining morer and more popularity!

    • Kia Stanford April 11, 2016  

      Us too! We have a project coming out later in the summer with them in and they look wonderful 🙂